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2677 W Hampden Ave Ste. A

Sheridan, CO 80110

(720) 994-2253

Learn about our easy to
use sound systems

We make renting your sound system as easy as "testing 1 - 2 - 3"

Below you can see the three primary products that make up your system.

EV ZLX.jpeg

Powered Speaker

Your system will have two powered speakers a "left" and a "right". These two speaker will provide the stereo sound to your audience. They do need to be plugged into a wall power outlet and we do provide power cables. We also have battery powered speakers for your mountain barn weddings etc.



We provide one wired handheld microphone, along with a 25' mic cable and a mic stand with each system rental. This hand held microphone will work great with your speakers and mixer to sing and speak with. 

Sound Mixer


Along with your powered speakers and microphone, you will also need a mixer to bring it all together. We provide a Allen & Heath Zed10 with each system rental. This mixer will set the volume and tone for your microphone as well as any music or audio you may be playing through the system.

System Rentals

We make renting sound systems easy. Pick from one of three options below. All rentals are for weekend, pick up on Friday and return on Monday. Need it longer? Give us a call or shoot an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do we pick up our system? 

A: From our office at 2677 W Hampden Ave Suite A Sheridan, CO 80110


Q: What hours are you open for pick and drop off? 

A: Friday and Monday we are open 9am-4pm

Q: Are the systems easy to set up and use? 

A: Yes! All of our systems are easy to use and we can walk you through it.

Q: Are the prices listed per day or weekend? 

A: The prices listed are for the entire weekend.

Q: Can we reserve a system without paying for it? 

A: No. Due to our amazing prices we do require prepayment.

Q: Who can pick up the rental and what is needed? 

A: Adult of 18 years or older with Drivers License and Credit Card.

Still have questions, shoot us an email we'd be happy to talk with you!

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